The SONDORS MetaBeast Electric Dirt Bike May Be Your Next Off-Road Commuter

Two SONDORS MetaBeast electric dirt bikes have been announced

Taking the design of the Metacycle and adding off-road functionalities, two new SONDORS MetaBeast electric dirt bikes have been introduced. Electric mobility company SONDORS unveiled the one-piece cast aluminum framed MetaBeast and MetaBeast X, optimized for off-road adventuring and are street legal as well.

The lightweight 123-pound SONDORS MetaBeast electric dirt bike can reach a max speed of 50 mph and features a 6 kW motor with 40 Nm of torque. The 52V 30Ah and 2.16 kWh battery holds a range of 44 miles at a steady speed of 25 mph.

On the beefier side, the SONDORS MetaBeast X weighs 200 pounds and uses a 18 kW motor that has 60 Nm of torque. The MetaBeast X is listed with a max speed of 75 mph, and its 96V 55Ah and 5.28 kWh battery is stated to provide 78 miles of range at a cruising speed of 31 mph.


As SONDORS states, “If you want a fully-homologated, street-legal SONDORS for city living or commuting that can double as your off-road adventure buddy — MetaBeast X is for you.” It appears that SONDORS considers the MetaBeast as an “ebike”. Electric bicycles do not need a motorcycle or a driver’s license to operate in the US, so the MetaBeast saves on the hassle of acquiring one.

Priced at $4,500, the SONDORS MetaBeast electric dirt bike is the more affordable option, whereas the SONDORS MetaBeast X will retail at $8,000. Reservations can be made at $3,000 and $6,500 respectively, and both models will come in VantaBlack, Green Olive, and SilverBlade colorways.

According to SONDORS, shipping is expected to begin this October.

SONDORS MetaBeast electric

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