Sunreef Zero Cat Redefines Luxury Yachting

The Sunreef Zero Cat can make its own hydrogen fuel

With unlimited autonomy, the 90-foot Sunreef Zero Cat will be able to convert methanol into clean hydrogen. Through the use of innovative technologies and environmentally conscious methods, Sunreef is setting the stage for a time when luxury and environmental responsibility coexist harmoniously.

Sunreef Zero Cat’s innovative hydrogen generator, which creates clean hydrogen from methanol onboard, is the cornerstone of its sustainability. With solar cells completely integrated into the yacht’s entire exterior, this innovative technology seeks to take advantage of the vessel’s integrated solar power infrastructure. The fuel cell technology uses green power to produce clean energy with zero emissions for onboard hotel loads as well as its electric propulsion.

“Our goal is to revolutionize the industry by offering discerning customers an exceptional zero-emission sailing experience,” says Sunreef CTO and co-founder Nicolas Lappt. “This project represents a milestone in our ongoing commitment to protecting our oceans and preserving the natural beauty of the sea.”

Sunreef Zero Cat
Sunreef Yachts

The hotel load will include watermakers, air conditioners, onboard electronics. Furthermore, the entire bodywork of the yacht will be integrated with solar cells, which will continuously produce power from the sun. This exclusive “solar skin” was previously available on several models from the Polish yard, including an 80-foot cat, an 80-foot sailer, and a 100-foot sailboat.

The Sunreef Zero Cat is the next in Sunreef’s line of new project announcements, which also includes the introduction of the 33M Explorer Eco model with transpacific capabilities and the new Ultima hybrid power catamaran. Currently, the yard has 13 orders with deliveries that are scheduled through 2025. Take a peek at the cat below.

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