Tesla Model Y Crossover SUV To Be Named As World’s Best Selling Car

267,000 units of the Tesla Model Y crossover SUV sold Q1 2023

Marking the first time ever for an electric vehicle, the Tesla Model Y crossover SUV was the worlds best selling car in the first quarter of 2023 according to market data by JATO Dynamics. The analysis shows that Tesla sold or delivered 267,200 Model Y units worldwide during the first three months of the year.

This figure, which represents a gain of 69 percent from the same time in 2022, easily outperformed the competition in the market. The Toyota Corolla came in second with sales of 256,400 units, which includes all its models and variants. Following the Model Y and Corolla were the Toyota Hilux with 214,700 units, the Toyota RAV4 with 211,000, and the Toyota Camry with 166,200.

Last year, the Tesla Model Y crossover SUV sold 747,500 units. That figure was a 91 percent jump over 2021’s sales numbers. That said, that only placed the Model Y in third place under the RAV 4 with  1.02 million units and the Corolla with 991,500.

Model Y crossover SUV

Although we are unsure that the Model Y rankings for 2023 will hold throughout the remainder of the year, sales have been steadily increasing while Corolla sales are marginally declining. Given Tesla’s huge price cut on the Model Y, we expect the trends to continue into Q4 2023. At this rate, the crossover can reach over 1 million units of sales.

This may be a surprise to most, but having the Tesla Model Y crossover SUV as the worlds best selling car isn’t a surprise to CEO Elon Musk, who claimed it would become the best-selling car in 2023. We’ll see what happens the later half of this year, but it’s looking very likely.

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