WAU Cyber E-Bike Seeks To Turn Heads On The Road

Cyberpunk–Inspired WAU Cyber e-bike is on its way

With a hexagon aluminum body and customizable neon lights, the WAU Cyber e-bike is looking like the Cybertruck of e-bikes, and that might just be what the U.K.-based startup had planned all along. The upcoming high-performance two-wheeled electric bike features an aggressive body and 24-inch wheels on off-road tires.

Releasing in three versions, the Cyber will come in a 250W mid-drive motor with a max speed of 15.5 mph, a 750W/28 mph, and a 5,000W with 55 mph. All three models will come with a 10-speed Shimano gear set.

The WAU Cyber e-bike’s turn signals and brake lights are quite unique and something the design team concentrated heavily on. Observing that a majority of electric bikes lack illumination, they made the decision to equip their cyberpunk dirt and road bike with tube lighting. When the rider needs to brake or make a turn, the neon lights will flicker and flash.

Cyber E-Bike
WAU Bike / Facebook

The bike’s custom frame is built with lightweight aluminum. Its hexagonal form also gives it the appearance of an electric motorcycle. When the rider gets on the vehicle, a full-color LCD screen shows information and a power gauge. The user can also install a USB connector on the e-bike to charge it and link their smartphone via Bluetooth for navigation.

Yes, the “Cyber” can even be utilized as a power source to help charge any electronics. This electric dirt and road bike also has the option to include an onboard high-voltage wire that can be linked to a WAU power portal, serving as the middle support for devices with a maximum power output of 1,500W. This function is considered beneficial for travel, camping, and even quick stops when riding when the rider may need a break for a recharge.

The three distinct voltages of the interchangeable and detachable battery packs enable the charging feature. To ensure continued traveling, the 48V, 52V, and 60V battery packs may be charged at home or any place with a port. In addition, the Cyber comes with a “battery boost switch” that enables the rider to activate the second or third battery pack.

Currently up for pre-order on IndieGogo, the WAU Cyber e-bikes will cost $2,999 with deliveries set to start in February 2024.

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