WildeWay FW11 Folding eBike Packs In A Hefty 48V 32Ah Battery

The WildeWay FW11 folding eBike has a range of 60 to 100 miles

With its folding aqua trim and fat tires, the WildeWay FW11 folding eBike has received a giant upgrade in its battery with a 48V 32Ah (1,500-Wh) unit that provides up to 100 miles when using the bike’s lowest pedal assist. It surprisingly also a two seater and holds a top speed of 30 mph, which is faster than most eBikes.

The WildeWay FW11 folding eBike’s battery is more than twice as large as the typical 500-700Wh battery found across the market. Although the 20-pound battery can be removed, it might not be convenient to transport over the course of long distances.

According to WildeWay, the FW11 can offer up to 60 miles with just the throttle. This range is especially amazing because it exceeds the normal range of other e-bikes by a significant margin.

WildeWay FW11 folding eBike

The FW11 also boasts a strong motor, which enables the bike to accelerate swiftly. It has a 750W continuous power rating and a 1,000W peak power rating. This is especially helpful for transporting an additional passenger due to the back seat and foot pegs.

Since the rear rack can only support 110 lbs (50 kg), the bike’s carrying capacity might be constrained. The bike’s top speed of 30 mph may make it unsafe to operate in bike lanes or close to people, thus it should only be used at lower speeds when absolutely required.

The WildeWay FW11 folding eBike also features hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension, suspension seat post, a full LED light package, fenders, and a 7-speed Shimano transmission. Priced at only $1,399, the FW11 is currently available on WildeWay’s site and Amazon.

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