2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric SUV

There’s soon to be a new sheriff in Ford town! No, not a real sheriff, but an all-electric Ford Mustang SUV dubbed as the Mach-E, that kind of sheriff. That’s right folks, Ford Motor Company released pre-production photos of their upcoming Mustang Mach-E SUV debuting in 2021 (arriving late 2020) and man, is it beautiful!

With five different models to chose from – First Edition, Select, Premium, California Route 1 and GT – and with a starting MSRP of $43,895, there are enough vehicle options to satisfy the electric thirst of novice drivers to the die hard Mustang fans. Ford didn’t skip out on the options either. Most safety features come as standard, the SUV is available in seven different colors, equipped with Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 Technology (think Tesla dash mounted screen) an EPA estimate range of 300 miles. Available in AWD hitting a mid 5 second 0-60 run with the GT model running 0-60 sprint in mid 3-seconds. Sound exciting? We think so. So a e-muscle car with no engine noise, or perhaps just wind noise!

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Need to recharge quickly? No problem, the Mach-E can take you 47 miles from a 10 minute charge off a 150kW DC Fast Charger. Our smartphone doesn’t even charge that fast; 10 minutes gives us enough juice to fire up our IG account, like a few photos, and respond “yes” or “no” to grandmas text about meatloaf for dinner.

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Additionally, the perks of owning an electric vehicle is of course zero emissions, no more trips to the gas station only when you need air in your tires and possibly qualifying for a Federal Income Tax Credit of as much as $7,500. Who wouldn’t like to save money, save the environment by driving a non-polluting vehicle and be silent like a ninja on the road?

Make sure you guys keep you your eyes and ear peeled because as more information gets revealed about this electric bad-boy, we’ll be on it. Whip-it!

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