The Atlis XT electric pickup truck specs

Meet the Atlis XT electric pickup truck. As the race to the best pickup truck on the market continues, Atlis XT is a hot contender. The top feature that is making this electric pick up stand out is they are claiming a full charge time of 15 minutes, making it the fastest electronic pickup charge time now on the upcoming market. 

Atlis XT electric pickup truck specs

  • Fully charged in 15 minutes
  • Base truck model has 12 in-ground clearance with the option of 15 in ground clearance. 
  • Range 300-500 miles
  • Air compressor option in the truck bed and a front gate feature. 
  • Assembled in the USA
  • $45,000 or subscription-based purchase
  • Single Speed Gear Box 
  • Advanced Regenerative braking with dynamic load control
  • Massive Front-truck storage
  • Spray-in bed liner

The Atlis XT electric pickup truck has a standard skateboard frame we are seeing on many other electric trucks. Offering two cab and truck bed options, a 6.5 ft bed, or an 8 ft bed. Base models come equipped with 4 wheel drive, independent traction motors, and independent wheel suspension. The Atlis XT has some of the largest front storage on the market today.

Founded by Mark Hanchett, Atlis XT electric pickup truck was born in his garage. Mark is an engineer with 16 successful product launches in the electromechanical and software markets. Based in Mesa, Arizona, Mark has spent the majority of his career at Axon Enterprise inc designing and developing conductive weapons and software and hardware for law enforcement. The vision for Atlis XT is to make an electric pickup that does not compromise anything from regular gas trucks today.

Said to launch in 2020, Atlis is using crowdfunding to pull them through to market. With competitors like Rivian and Tesla with strong investors behind them, we are looking forward to seeing what comes of Atlis this year. And to the competition, Atlis says:

“We welcome this competition, as we do all competition, and look forward to hearing what Tesla, Bollinger, and others will have to offer. Competition in the pickup truck market drives innovation and we will continue to strive for leadership in this category.

We believe that while others are focused on what can be done with existing technologies, which require compromises, Atlis Motor Vehicles will remain focused on solving the inherent problems and delivering new products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Overcoming these obstacles is important for more widespread EV adoption.”

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