SAY29E Runabout Carbon: world’s fastest electric-boat

Enter Portier AG, a German yacht builder that’s been building boats for over 200 years has ventured into going greener and built the SAY29E Runabout Carbon, the world’s fastest mass-produced electric boar or e-boat. It appears that Portier AG is taking a groundbreaking step into the future and is committed to electrical technology in boat building.

With a top speed of 50 knots , the SAY29E Runabout Carbon is the fastest e-boat in the world planned for series production. Made out of 100% pure carbon composite, weighing in at only 881 lbs and in combination with a drive system developed by Kreisel Electric, the low weigh engineering ensures a smooth and impressive acceleration with peak output of 500 horsepower.

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The SAY29E Runabout Carbon entire design is optimized for speed and agility. Portier AG claims that “the design, the characteristic wavecutter bow and sidewings ensure maximum stability and allow the fastest cornering speeds. The handling of the boat is fascinatingly simple – even in waves.”

Below is a YouTube video of the SAY29E Runabout Carbon, but it would only make sense if you spoke German because its in German. Never the less, you can see different angles of the boat as well as come of its capabilities on water.

SAY29E Runabout Carbon Video

For such innovation on the water, this does not come at a cheap price; it will set you back around $384,673 to be exact. Here is Portier AG 2018 features and pricing for the SAY29E Runabout Carbon in case you are considering adding this beauty to your electric lineup.

So, if you ready have an electric truck or car, bike, and motorcycle, your next purchase should be no other than the SAY29E Runabout Carbon. Its striking looks should get the heads turning at the lake or in the harbor; no doubt!

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